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Simplifying Risk Management Globally

Project Management

A focused, phased approach with clear guidance and facilitation by GSA & the organization will ensure no loss of momentum in completing project.

All aspects of the project are undertaken by an experienced Project Team comprising Senior GSA Management expert advisor and supporting bank staff.

Project Management Software
Programme management utilizes tools such as MS Project to ensure all tasks are tracked and completed in a timely manner with periodic status reports produced to stakeholders to advise of progress or any significant issues.

managment software


GSA will not only provide recommendations, policies, templates, forms etc but will be a trusted partner to assist in the implementation phase(s).

Different techniques will be used to provide assistance during implementation such as

  • One to one mentoring sessions with staff whilst evaluating deliverables
  • Review of completed samples
  • Senior Management briefings and meetings
  • Training and awareness workshops
  • Presentations to Board of Management & Board of Directors

GSA believes in a 'no surprises' approach to project management and implementation with Senior Management and project teams having constant dialogue to ensure milestones and expectations met.