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Simplifying Risk Management Globally

Organisation Charts

Policies and methodologies can only be implemented with the appropriate infrastructure.

This includes an organizational design that reflects a firm wide risk management philosophy and the underlying principles:

  • Independence of Risk Function
  • Four-eye Principle
  • Service Function of Risk towards Business

Organisation Chart

GSA assists institutions in re-structuring and organizational change programs reflecting international best practice.

Committee Structures

It is important for financial institutions to have effective corporate governance practices reflected in their organisational chart and committee structures, enabling their Board of Directors and Senior Management to have oversight role to meet with the organisations strategic objectives.

organisation chart

Board of Directors

  Members of BOD
  • Setting the Bank's overall risk principle, framework & strategy
  • Approval of Risk Policies
  • Selection of CRO
  • Review REC decisions, when necessary
  • Takes ultimate decisions on exposures with potential impact on bank's standing
Permanent Members: Deputy CEO and CRO
  • Head of Business & Risk Disciplines, as appropriate, depending on type of risk decisions to be made
  • Manage, supervise & execute Risk framework set by BoD
  • Sets Risk parameters for CRM, ORM and MRM/ALM
  • Approves procedures & manuals based on approved Risk Policies by BOD
  • Takes credit decisions according to its authority level (incl. retail product programs)
  • Deals with appeals below REC level
  • Decisions on the allocation of capital (risk capacity) to the business
  • Proposes Risk framework and policies to GRMC

Business Partnership Model

Implementing a Business Partnership Model achieves business ownership, ensures pro-active risk management and as a by-product likely to achieve Regulatory Compliance.

business partnership model